Killarney Whiskey

Killarney takes inspiration from those that have gone before us in this storied land. We admire and respect the skills they have honed but are not constrained by them. We are driven by the desire to be innovative, progressive and shape the next chapter of master distilling in Ireland. 

Killarney’s premium Irish whiskey embodies independence and discernment. It is a bolder and better choice of Irish whiskey that celebrates the choices we make in life. Our new home, beneath the majestic MacGillycuddy Reeks, proudly showcases three magnificent copper pot stills. Within their gleaming chambers, we will craft our liquid gold.

Currently, we source whiskies from the best distilleries in Ireland. Our Master Distiller has created a special blend with pot still at its core for Killarney Whiskey. Aged in American oak barrels, Killarney whiskey is a marriage of grain, pot, and single malt whiskies each bringing a wonderful character for a robust whiskey to sip or enjoy in a cocktail. We continue to get our own distillery ready for production.


Our own inaugural whiskey will launch in 2028. While it ages peacefully in the Kerry air and the angels take their share, our Master Distiller will not be standing still. He collaborates with our Master Brewer to bring interesting small-batch brews and whiskies to the market. Most recently our limited release 1092 Taproom Series, a premium blend of Irish whiskey and an Export stout that was aged in the Killarney whiskey barrel. A perfect pairing to enjoy a dram and a pint while sharing a great story.

Distillery Tours

Discover our NEW Distillery Tour & Tasting!

Join us for an immersive tour of our distillery at the foothills of the MacGillycuddy Reeks, where you’ll marvel at the captivating architecture and learn about the rich history of Irish whiskey and the art of whiskey-making. Enjoy the enticing aromas of the process, and finish your visit with a comparative tasting of the finest whiskeys in our elegant tasting room.


NEW! Killarney Irish Whiskey

Sourced in Ireland, and expertly blended by our Master Distiller Kerr Petrie. Our triple-distilled, premium blend Irish Whiskey has a distinct pot-forward flavour profile with a careful combination of aged malt and grain whiskey. The aroma is pleasing and unmistakably Irish, with hints of spice and apple. It is a well-balanced, smooth, and warm expression, with a satisfying lingering sensation. Great served straight up, over ice, or in a cocktail.

Killarney Irish Whiskey

Killarney Gin

Crafted to be refreshing and meaningful our Killarney Gin reflects our home. We take inspiration from the abundant natural beauty that surrounds us, from the lush National Park, serene lakes, and the untamed coastline of The Wild Atlantic Way.

With a deep commitment to quality and an appreciation for the rich botanical heritage of our region, our distiller has collaborated closely with local foragers to explore and study the diverse flora that surrounds us. By understanding the taste profiles, historical uses, and symbolic meanings of each botanical, we ensure that every selection contributes to creating a truly exceptional Gin.

Hero Botanicals

Rowan Berries: The Rowan tree thrives in harsh mountainous environments. In Celtic mythology, it symbolises courage, boldness, perseverance, wisdom, and protection. Its delicate leaves resemble feathers, and its creamy-white flowers attract bumble bees and ripe berries attract birds. Truly born of our land, this tree and berries epitomises our Killarney culture of learning, progressing and building community. 

Rock Samphire:  This spirited and brave plant thrives in rocky terrain and salt-sprayed cliffs and beaches. Dancing in the adverse Kerry climate, symbolises strength, a bold choice considering where it flourishes. It shares our philosophy of working harder to survive, we can all thrive.

Lavender:  A bold choice for a Kerry gin but Western Sea Lavender delivers a sweet fragrance with citrus notes. It is a hardy plant with delicate flowers that grow on tough branched stalks, resilient to the Irish climate. Hard work, bravery and seeing the possibility in life is what we admire at Killarney, we want to celebrate it.

Pine Needles:  Pine needles impart a delightful citrusy grapefruit flavour to our gin Generations past commonly used these in boat building for our lakes and ocean, more often than not it was a necessity to survive but also to explore. Generations before us thought us that to progress, we need to be industrious, learn from life experiences, work together, and adapt.

Gin School Stills

Book A Gin School Trip

Experience the thrill of creating your own unique Irish gin at Killarney Brewing & Distilling Co.’s Gin School. Join us at our distillery in Killarney and unleash your inner distiller with our expert guidance.

Highlights of the 2.5-hour Gin School experience:

  • Welcome gin and tonics upon arrival.
  • Indulge in a charcuterie board as you wait for your gin to distil.
  • Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of our 500 litre still and gin room.
  • Learn about the art of gin making from our knowledgeable team.
  • Explore a variety of botanicals and their flavour profiles.
  • Craft your very own bespoke blend of Killarney Irish Gin.
  • Take home a personalised 700ml bottle of your creation.

After the tour, you’re welcome to visit our bar where you can watch our bartenders create signature Gin cocktails or continue sipping a classic G&T, all while enjoying the breathtaking views of Lakes of Killarney and MacGillycuddy Reeks.

Cornerstone cask society

Join our Cornerstone Cask Society and own a piece of history.

Choose Single Pot Still or Single Malt Irish Whiskey.